Rambling thoughts about blogging from a rookie blogger/vlogger

The number one reason I suspect folks don’t blog more is it is harder than it looks. There is what topics will interest readers, and then there is the fun of having to actually put words together in a coherent, readable, manner.  

The beginning step is finding something you have great and passionate knowledge of that you want to share with your readers. I like to think I know something about Real Estate. Real Estate has many parts, so next you need to narrow it down to a specific topic. This is all just the setup, next comes the actual process of writing! They say part of being successful is showing up. The number one thing about being a blogger? Actually blogging. Dive in!

As most of you know, I’m no  journalist. For me, the hardest part of the process is not finding a topic. It’s finding the words. It’s forming the content.  Let’s not forget the grammar and the endless proofing. Sometimes I look at these blogs and I still want to re-word, re-write, or just fix something. Did I explain this properly? Did I say this the right way? How are the people reading perceiving what I’m saying? This is why I always use and recommend you using a second set of eyes.  

I haven’t been doing this long, but I’m going to advise you in the way I’d want to be advised. As a blogger, set realistic goals. Plan some sort of blog at least once a week, whether it’s video or typed. Before I even started this, I wrote down twelve topics I wanted to discuss. It’s easy to say “I’ll remember to write about that”, but actually following through is different. It helps to have a record of the things you felt were important enough to discuss in a public setting. As you all know, I live by one of my favorite Terry-isms: A goal without a plan is just a wish! 

I started blogging in a more personal manner. I talked about my mission statement, my goal in this business. I talked about how I got into Real Estate and why. Talk about how your past experiences and circumstances shaped you, how they lead the path you walk today. Build a strong list and while you can vary from it, use it to inspire!  Personally, I like to keep my blogs light and fun. I like to keep them motivating for myself and for the people who read them. My video blogs are meant to show and sell, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh while watching them. What are we doing if we’re not having fun?

Video blogging takes a little more time and effort. I can blog from my desk. I can write a couple paragraphs and call it a day. Rain or shine. Vlogging means watching the weather. You have to be mindful of your equipment. If it’s rainy, or dark, I can’t go shoot a video telling you to buy a beautiful beach house. It ruins the scene. It kills the mood. The beach buying public enjoys warm, bright, sunny days. 

I believe as Realtors, we are natural hams.  We play it up because we need to sell. We sell because we play it up. You have to be excited when selling a property. This is your bread and butter. I’m not going to deadpan in front of the camera and talk about a beautiful house the way I would with a grocery list. I’m going to smile and be enthusiastic. I’m a buyer/seller cheerleader after all! I love my listings. I want to show them off. The camera needs to see that. My readers need to see that this is what I do because I love it. You gotta love what you do! So go! Blog!