Could you get into the college you attended back in the day? I'll use  my lovely wife and I as examples. As most folks know, Beth attended Michigan State University. She took her college boards with her bathing suit under her clothes. She applied to two schools and picked MSU without ever visiting the campus! She had a successful four and a half years that provided her with great internship opportunities. She graduated with BA in Hospitality. At the time a board score of 1100, got you an admission to MSU. She started her college career with 9,349 other freshmen, of which 6,359 were first-time college students. There were no advanced placement classes in 1989. The admission requirements had been revised to mandate that each student have scored a minimum of 21 on their ACTs or have graduated in the upper half of their high school class. Today MSU requires an ACT of 23 or higher, as well as a SAT score of 1040-1210 in Critical Reading and Math. Yeah. Beth could attend MSU again.

My college search was a little different. All I wanted was to shoot hoops and play right away. Terry Riley isn't the type of guy to wait on a bench! So I looked all around Boston. I visited six or seven schools and talked to any Basketball Coach who would lend an ear. I ended up choosing the coach who promised the most playing time as a freshman. Bridgewater State College, which has since become Bridgewater State University, was my pick and my 1180 boards zipped me in. Today BSU would still be okay to get in with an admissions rate of 70%. However, Northeastern University MBA program would be a huge stretch for me these days! Northeastern has become a top ten MBA program! My GMATs were good. I had a BA in History with a minor in secondary education...I've come to terms with the fact I am unlikely to get in a second time around. They've got a 32% admissions rate. That's a big difference. 








So what about you? Where did you go to school? Could you get back in?