If you've been following my blog, you’ll have gotten to know me and my business fairly well by now. You’ve read our Mission Statement as well as how I got into the business. You know we have nothing but the best intentions when it comes to helping you invest in your home. I’m glad you are reading this blog and are considering buying a property in Ocean City, MD. The Ocean City market place is not a complicated market. It is not too difficult to understand or wrap your head around with the right assistance.

If you’re surprised to read that statement, don’t be! Here is the truly hard part of buying a property in Ocean City, Maryland. The hard work is determining what you want out of your beach house and where do you want it to be. The answer to both those questions seems simple. You want to be near the beach after all! But just how close? What do you need the property for? Do you want it for year-round living or just the summer getaway? Will you be renting your property? If you answered yes to that question then how often are you renting it? More importantly, who are you renting it to? Okay, so maybe there is a little more to consider…but that’s why you have people like Chris Jett and I who help you ask the questions you need to know, and help you figure out the answers to the ones you don’t.

This is where a Real Estate Agent comes into play. We can listen, protect, and guide you. A quality agent welcomes an inquisitive buyer. Questions are important in this process, and knowing which ones to ask are as important as their answers. We are here to provide feedback and direction.

Let’s start with the listening skills. Does your agent ask questions? A solid Real Estate agent is part of this journey. Sure, if you know what you want, you may not think you need an agent. Just remember: Caveat Emptor – Buyer beware!

As agents, we live and breathe this real estate business. It is our every day. As an educated consumer, you know, to talk to a lender and know what you are pre-qualified for. Your agent is there to recommend solid local and trustworthy professionals. This way you don’t become overwhelmed by an endless list of choices. (Thanks Google!)  The agent has a stake in your success negations and purchasing. We want what is best for you, because a good word of mouth is what’s best for us.

Choosing the right lender is important. A banker might tell you what THEY think you can afford. We know to ask what YOU can afford. What does your cash flow look like? If you are self employed, then you already know the road is a tad tougher, right? Nothing in life comes easy. You are meant to work for the things you want, and know you earned them. Buy beach house you want! You earned it. You made smart decisions to get it. Perhaps, the best decision you make along the way is hiring a Real Estate Agent who will keep you motivated and engaged! We know that if you want a beach property, you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves!

Now you’ve decided to have a candid discussion with yourself. You’re ready to pick a great, ready to listen, realtor. You don’t want just any licensed agent. You’ve found a Realtor who knows you and knows what you want. They know how to communicate in the way you need them to. Consider your realtor’s recommendations. You’re in this together. Everyone has skin in the game. Buying a home is a team sport. I believe in being honest and upfront. I tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

To get the most out of your money and time with us, you need to ask me the following questions. What are the condo fees? What are the HOA fees? What are these fees for and what do they include? You want the full story. I’m going to ask you about your budget, your cash flow. How big is your family? Will you have a lot of family coming to stay? Are you renting? How are you finding these renters? What is important for your tenant to understand?

Disclosing a potential pitfall, here it is…Which property is right for you? We’re going to tell you not to try to do too much. You can’t have a single family home, a town house and a condo rolled into one. Do you want a yard? Do you need a view? Top floor? Bottom Floor? Is there a pool? How close are we to the boardwalk? Do you need a gated community? Bay side? Ocean front? Ocean Block? Back front?

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t be.

The point of this blog is for you to come into the conversation with your Realtor as an educated and prepared buyer. Your agent is here to listen, communicate, and provide assistance. I can’t speak for my industry at large, but I know that Chris and I are great at all three things. (Not to brag! Okay…maybe a little.) Think about it. Talk about it! We’re here to help.

I always tell people to work locally. We’re a community here in Ocean City. We encourage working with our neighbors. We use local title work companies, appraisers, and mortgage professionals, who have proven to want what’s best for our clients and our wonderful little beach town.

In the end, you need to consider three things when hiring a Real Estate Agent. Are they knowledgeable in their community? Do they communicate in the way you need them to? Most importantly, can you trust them? If you answer no to any of those questions, it’s time to think about hiring someone else.


Warm Regards,

 Terry Riley